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lovely things…

lovely things…


is just around the corner. The season of good will, and generosity, and tiny Tim…

So we thought, what better time to have an art auction to raise funds for… well, the arts! We have already started baking and freezing little feta and pine nut filo pastries (thank you the Great British Bake Off Christmas recipe book) and we are mulling over hot drinks and little treats for our auction/party/event!

art auction anteros

Anteros’ first ever Art Auction will be held on Thursday December 3rd and Auctioneer Artist Chris Hann will be taking bids. With delicious treats to eat and drink and live music, it promises to be a night to remember.

Our generous Artist donors include:
John Appleton, Martin Battye, Helen Breach, Alec Cumming, Nicholas Denney, Anthony George, Annie Hudson, Helen Ivory, Martin Laurence, Christopher Lingford, John Midgely, Josef Mounser, Print to the People, Linda Sadler, and Malca Schotten.

All procedes go to supporting the continuing work of the Anteros Art Foundation:
That is, invigilating, heating and keeping open 2 gallery spaces and an open access art library that are, and always will be, free to enter.
We provide an affordable space in the centre of Norwich for all artists to exhibit, including those who are newly qualified, or just starting out. We are very proud to have made space for 7 artists to have their first ever one-man gallery exhibition in 2015, and we are also fostering links with local schools, and have been very pleased to show children’s work, encouraging new talent from as young as 12.
We offer good quality courses in fine art and craft skills and have also helped newly qualified artists gain teaching skills to help them earn their bread and butter.
We maintain a grade II* listed building which is historically important as the only example of a Tudor Merchants house in Norwich with two great halls, one above the other. The main gallery also boasts the longest moulded timber window in the city. This building is kept open to the public through the work of the Anteros Arts Foundation.

Anteros is not funded by the Arts Council, local Council, or any other body which donates core funding. This allows us to keep our independence and to meet the needs of our local community flexibly, as these needs change. However, it does make us reliant on the generosity of local people. Your support is gratefully received.

The event is free entry. Further donations of artwork, are still gratefully being received!

Flik Hemmant

Courtyard Ka’chink!

emily winng, birds of hell ben winng anteros

Flik Hemmant

Willy Porter (Folk/Americana/Blues)

Music at Anteros: Willy Porter



Willy Porter is an accomplished singer, songwriter and storyteller but most of all he’s an extraordinary guitarist, utterly original.This coming Sunday, 11th Oct, he’s at Anteros Arts, Fye Bridge, Norwich. Two decades, 10 albums and world-wide touring with the likes of Tori Amos, Paul Simon, Sting, Jethro Tull and Jeff Beck give him provenance. As Tori Amos says “Willy plays rhythms that make me want to crawl inside his guitar and sleep there forever.” Tull’s Ian Anderson remarked ‘Thank goodness he doesn’t play the flute…’ Catch him at Anteros Arts in a rare UK performance. 01603 766129 anterosfoundation.com/music/ & willyporter.com

Flik Hemmant

A Body of Work: Helen Breach

Exhibition on Now! Helen Breach

Tuesday 29th September – Saturday 10th October 2105
ShadowFace 1

‘Body of Work’ is the representation of female & male form using spontaneity and colour. The images explore multiple directions, embracing various and often opposing problems.

Helen Breach is a self-taught artist with a portfolio that enabled her to obtain an MA at NUCA, she has always embraced the discipline of drawing from life. Helen’s sparsely painted sketches with simple compositions may be informed by the artist’s background in architectural work. An avid experimenter, Helen has utilised different media, treating her themes according to the character of the subject or the mood of the moment.

Helen has lived in Norfolk for almost three decades and moved into her Back Lane studio in Castle Acre eight years ago. Exhibiting in selected venues and galleries in London and East Anglia, Helen has taught drawing and painting, delivered a talk at the Courtauld Institute, been an artist-in-residence and sketchbook addict.

Please join Helen for a Late Launch Lunch from 12.00 Saturday 3rd October for a chat and nibble.

Flik Hemmant

FANN15: Peter Wylie

Exhibition on Now! Peter Wylie, FANN15

October 5th to November 7th

FANN15 ANTEROSModernist estates were, we are told, ‘alien’, irruptions into our homely, traditional streets, illegible and totalitarian edifices, ‘eyesores’ that are best pulled down. Peter Wylie’s paintings show something very different. In his paintings of Erno Goldfinger’s Balfron Tower, the life going on inside the building is as obvious as the proud, stark exteriors. In these paintings, and so it’s implied, in the buildings too, everyday city life and a monumental modernism live together unassumingly.

(words by Owen Hatherley)

Peter’s work will be on display in the Front Room

Flik Hemmant

Ruth Brumby and Gemma Khawaja


An exploration of the natural world and its links with stories and folklore.
13th October – 24th October

Gemma Khawaja Anteros

Gemma Khawaja

I am fascinated by paper cuts and paper sculptures. Paper is a magical medium to work with and, for me, no other material has such versatility and potential for transformation.
My main influences are the paper cuts of Hans Christian Andersen and paper ephemera items such as miniature cut out and match box theatres.

My main career is as a performer, specialising in folk music and puppetry but paper is a strong element of all my work.

I recently exhibited and sold work as a part of the IAPMA (The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists) exhibition in Norwich.

My recent papercuts draw from my love of folkloric customs, song and story traditions and it is these themes that I will be focusing on for the joint exhibition with Ruth Brumby.

Ruth Brumby Anteros Arts

Ruth Brumby

I began to work in papier mache when I stopped working as a headteacher; the transformation of my unwanted education management books into vessels embodied the changes in my life. Since then I have become increasingly fascinated by the processes, possibilities and constraints of using paper, investigating texture, colour and form. I like the ‘domesticity’ of blending, sieving, stirring and boiling.

Destroying, recycling and celebrating the pieces of text that I use is important to me.
Currently I am working on pieces about the edges of woods and of stories.

I make bowls and other vessels because I like the sense of contained space and the difference between inside and outside. I also love the balance and perfection of many old and modern containers and the fact that I am continuing an ages old human activity, although my vessels are not generally very useful!

I draw inspiration from my daily walks in the countryside and by the sea as well as from visits to museums and galleries. Each day I bring home photographs and objects to draw – leaves, stones, rusted metal, shells – or to use for dyeing or as inclusions. The colours, textures and patterns, often layers of one kind or another, that I see and study emerge later in bowls, bottles etc.

Recently I have begun to look at the deformed plastic bottles in the litter at the roadside and on the strandline and to cut, tear and reform my paper pieces – another aspect of transformation.

I am self-taught and always learning and I like the fact that papier mache has no rules and conventions.

Flik Hemmant