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Hannah Gifford Exhibition

Marks on Paper

New Drawing Class!

Join us Thursday July 14th!


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Flik Hemmant

Plink Plonk

Plink Plonk

a Courtyard event with Music and Visuals starts 8pm on 4th August, tickets £7

Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective present their inaugural celebration of all things improv with Plink Plonk featuring John Butcher and David Ross.

Plink Plonk is a series of live performances that focuses on improvised and spontaneous music, inviting national stars to perform alongside local artists.

John Butcher is a free tenor and soprano sax player that has been a pillar of the improv scene for many years. In this time John has worked with John Russell, Phil Minton, Simon Fell and is a member of the pioneering electroacoustic outfit Polwechsel.

David Ross uses an array of customised electronics to create a wild, woozy and unpredictable sound pallet. David regularly plays with Clive Bell, Richard Scott and Evan Parker.

John and David will play solo performances as well as a spontaneous collaborative set, all housed in the beautiful, acoustically ideal, Tudor courtyard at Anteros.

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Thursday 21st July 7.30pm

Flik Hemmant

Website Image

Wondering about the Website Image?

Four times per year we change the image behind the info on this website.

Our summer shot is called ‘Time out’ and was taken by Kevin Parker on Winterton Beach.

Juno at Winterton

‘Winterton dunes, Lurchers are spry dolphins in the long grass.’

Kevin Parker is an artist, teacher, photographer and co-founder of Stew. For more information about Kevin’s work, contact kparker_csm@hotmail.com.

If you are interested in submitting and autumnal image for consideration to be featured on the website please message us at enquiries@anteros.co.uk.

Flik Hemmant

Comma Press: Short Story Course

Comma Press: Short Story Course

Starting 11th October 7-9pm
ChrisRoseSml173Over the course of six workshops, on every second Tuesday of the month, learn to write short stories with C. D. Rose MA (UEA), editor of “The Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failure” and author of the Sunday Times/EFG Bank Award nominated “Arkady who couldn’t see and Artem who couldn’t hear” and “Closer” as read on BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Time Being’ program.

You will learn an appreciation of the predominant narrative structures used by short story writers, and how to implement them in your own work. You will be asked to complete set writing tasks between workshops, and will receive structured, peer-driven feedback; you’ll develop 3 short stories to completion, with tailored advice on how to shape the story, and how to improve the characterisation, dialogue, and narrative voice.

Comma Press, one of the UK’s leading publisher of short fiction is always looking for new voices in short fiction and it’s hoped that this course will unearth and develop contenders for one of their showcases of new writers.

You don’t necessarily need any practical experience of writing stories, nor of supervised creative writing of any kind, but it’s important that you have an interest in, and enthusiasm for, the short story form. To get the most from the course, you should be prepared do some background reading, undertake writing tasks between sessions, read the work of others on the course prior to each session, offer tactful – yet frank – feedback, and receive constructive criticism on your own work.

The course isn’t geared towards any particular sub-genre within the short story form – be it literary fiction, sci-fi, or horror – we’ll be looking at techniques applicable to all these genres.

Please note; this course is not devised to help you write a novel, novella, poetry, micro-fiction, or biography – it’s all about the short story, which presents its own specific demands and opportunities to writers (for the avoidance of doubt, short stories typically weigh in at somewhere between 1500 and 8000 words long, for the purpose of this course we will be looking at stories up to 5,000 words long). Bring along pen and paper, and please note that you will need internet access to upload your stories onto drop box and to read your peers submissions there – if you prefer to read hard copies of these, you will need to print them yourself.

£180 for 6 evenings over 6 months 7-9pm on the following dates, 11th October, 8th November and 13 December all this year, and in 2017 on the 10th January, 14th February and 14th March.

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